Quartz Worktops London

Quartz worktops are an affordable and exciting way to give your London home an injection of luxury. VeraStone have been providing high quality worktops and expert installations for over 10 years.

What are quartz worktops?

The quartz worktops we will install in your London home are made from engineered stone. Quartz grains are pressed together with resins, glue and pigments using a special vibration process. The quartz slab is then cured in a hot kiln before being cut to size and transported to stone masons like VeraStone in London.
  • Quartz worktops are almost as durable and hardwearing as granite.
  • They can come in practically any colour and have been produced in a range of different textures.
  • Unlike granite, quartz worktops don’t have to be resealed on a regular basis.
  • With improved production techniques and better cutting technology, the price of quartz worktops has become a more affordable option for London householders.
People tend to go for a material like engineered stone for their kitchen worktops because they offer a more solid colour and there is less worry about caring for the surface than with natural stone.