VeraStone is an importer, stone processing and stone fitting company based in London.
Our main stone supplier is prestigious LuminaStone.eu based in Belgium.
We are proud to offer stones which are unique because of:
  • high definition of textures providing rare and perfect match to natural stone
  • NANOS technology
  • durability, scratch resistance
  • 15 years guarantee
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2. Book templating slot.
3. Prepare kitchen for templating.
4. Within 7 working das your worktop surfaces will be installed.
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Please email us your requirements.
Please include:
  • The colour line of the stone and thickness
  • Dimensions of surface area (worktops sizes, up-stands, islands side legs, splash backs, window cills, or any other pieces required)
  • Type of the hob cut
  • Type of sink cut
  • If drainage grooves are required
  • Any additional cuts (sockets, taps)
  • Your postcode
6WORKTOP TEMPLATING - Get ready for your kitchen
Granite templating is precise and bespoke to your kitchen. In order to successfully template your kitchen, it needs to be in a completed state.
To help you check whether your kitchen is ready for granite templating please read the guidelines below:
1. Base units must be installed, aligned, level and fixed to the wall. Level tolerance is 5mm.
2. Any panels must be fixed in place.
3. Any existing worktops must be removed beforehand.
4. Sinks/hobs must be onsite but not connected.
5. Belfast/Butler sinks need to be fixed in place.
6. If you have a range cooker this will need to be in place so we can template up to it.
7. Any appliances/features that require a cut out in the worktop will need to be presented to the templater.
8. The kitchen must be clear and tidy so that the templater has a safe environment in order to conduct an accurate template.
9. You or a representative will need to be present to instruct the templater and sign the template paperwork.
When it comes to care and maintenance of quartz worktops, the dos are easy and straightforward: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Use a mild nonabrasive detergent soap for deep cleaning. A chamois leather, or suction window cleaner if you have one, can be used to remove any streaks and ensure a shiny finish.
Quartz is stain resistant, but not stain proof. If you do not wipe up staining agents, such as fruit juices, tea, coffee or wine, it could settle in. To remove stubborn stains, use a paste of baking soda and water and rub in with a soft cloth. Use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape dried up food particles, gum, nail polish, grease or paint that have stuck to the surface of your quartz worktop. A used credit card will also do the trick.
Your quartz worktops are heat resistant, but not heat proof. To maintain their beauty, never place hot items directly on the surface. Also, do not place heat-generating appliances directly on the surface; such as crock-pots or indoor grills. Instead, use a trivet or potholder to keep heat from affecting your worktop's shine. Excessive heat can lead to thermal shock; which can cause deep cracks in the surface of the quartz.
Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature. That's why your new quartz worktop will not easily scratch or chip. We do, however, recommend the use of a cutting board to protect the surface and avoid dulling your knifes.
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LUMINA STONE is internationally certified to ensure maximum safety and protection. Such certificates offer consumers the ass LUMINA STONE is a safe, top-quality material. Our certificates offer a 100% guarantee.
NSF - LUMINA STONE was evaluated and cetified by NSF international as a safe material for direct food contact. This gives the assurance of maximum safety and protection to our customers and final consumers.
CE - CE stands for Conformite Europeenne, the French phrase for European Conformity. It is a standard that applies to a wide range of objects created and sold in the nation belonging to the European Union. CE certification is designed to protect EU consumers by regulating products to reduce possible dangers to people and the environment.
GREENGUARD - The GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification Program identifies low-emitting materials, finishes and materials with low indoor environments. Performance-based, field-validated standards are used to define products and materials with low chemical and particle emissions for indoor use. Products are required to be tested annually for more than 10,000 individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
GREENGUARD CHILDREN&SCHOOLS SM - Certification program was developed by evaluating chemical sensitivities of children along with unique building characteristics of schools. It presents the most stringent product emissions criteria to date for low- emitting materials.
ORTHODOX UNION KOSHER - The Hebrew word kasher (kosher in English), means``proper or acceptable.`` Kosher certification becomes an application which benefits consumers all over the world. It is a powerful certification in the areas of food production and contact. LUMINA STONEachieved this test and promise to provide safe produm cts to our customers.