Slate Grey

This design gives a new meaning to the usual grey, with an unalterable beauty and a strong personality. Dark and warm grey, uniformly sprinkled by a black granulate, which gives it a feeling of solidity characteristic of natural stone. Small and improvised white crystals play with reflected light, evoking those mines where precious minerals were extracted.
Available colors
Available in Polished finish
Price band A
SLABS 3000x1400mm | 3200x1600mm
THICKNESSES 12mm | 20mm | 30mm Slabs with a 12 mm thickness are only avalaible in 3000x1400 mm format
EASED Simple edges are the original thickness of the table. Are quick and easy to prepare. Most automatic machinery is designed to develpop simple edges.
MITERED Cut along the top at a more or less 45-degree angle. The straighe lines and slighet decoration add a touch of elegance to a small kitchen.

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